Celtman on TV!

For those of you who read my report on the Celtman earlier this year, you might like to see it for real on TV!

The Celtman on the Adventure Show.

You’ve only got until the 16th December, so don’t hang around :-).

I was well chuffed to make the final cut – you can see interviews with me on the beach at some early hour I never normally see, plus partway up the mountain about 10.5 hours into the race. There are also glimpses of my mum and Andy – but sadly not Kate, my awesome support runner!

My friend Elizabeth also gets some air time, and it’s fun spotting other club members here and there!

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  1. Rob Parker

    Dear Rosemary,

    A fantastic performance, very well done. Finishing anywhere would have been a remarkable feat, but to finish second, behind the professional German lady, was amazing. To top it all, you get featured on the Adventure Show.You are an amazing girl and I wonder how you keep building your strength for the three events. I know you work all day for RBS, when do you do your training?

    I hope we’ll see you over the holidays or at least before you head South.

    With great admiration,


    • Thanks Rob! I do my training on the way to work, on the way home from work, in the middle of work (lunchtimes) … you get the idea! When have you ever seen me leave without a bike or a pair of running shoes? 😀

      I’m around until early Jan, my mum and Andy are coming up. We should pop down to say hello … and thanks for collecting all the gear which has arrived in the post all year!


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