Cool Stuff

This page is about places, products, companies and websites that I rave about!


Open Adventure: I do loads of their adventure racing events and you can be guaranteed a fun time, a good map and impeccable organisation.

Physis: They keep fixing me up without fail! I wouldn’t stay injury-free and sort out the niggles early without them. Big thanks and recommendations for Graham, Helen and Ola.

Moonglu, Ripon: Supplied my Lynskey Ridgeline titanium framed, 29er mountain bike – fully built! Awesome bike and not many companies in the UK supplying this brand and offering the build service. Thanks Moonglu!

Ronde, Edinburgh: Uber-cool new bike showroom and cafe for coffee and cake. The place to (cyclist) star-spot in Edinburgh!

The Bicycleworks, Edinburgh: No-one will service your bike for less and you don’t have to wait weeks for a service slot.

Spokeshirts: These T-shirts are so cool! Check out the ‘pac-bike’.

Otillo Swimrun: My new favourite races.

Durty Events: Triathlons, adventure racing, swimruns, mountain biking, swimming. There’s no event they won’t try and organise and you’ll always have a good time.

Restaurants and Other Places to Eat

Broughton Deli, Edinburgh: Proper sized portions, affordable, friendly and loads of veggie choices!

La Favorita, Edinburgh: The best pizza in town, what more can I say? Oh, they also do deliveries.

Here’s a map of some of my other favourite places in Edinburgh:

Sport-Related Products and Kit

Corinne Dennis: Provide the most comfy cycling shorts I own, with a small soft pad. Also come in a 3/4 length version, great for cooler days.

Nuun: Hydrates and replaces all that salt you lose when sweating up a hill, without making you feel sick from sugar or unpleasant sweetners.The cola version even comes complete with caffeine for that extra boost.

Honey Stingers (mainly the chews): Tasty sweets, available in a multitude of flavours and ostensibly good for use when racing!

Hoo Ha Ride Glide: Sounds dodgy, but it is for keeping everything chafe free when you’re riding! It smells nice and is kind of tingly.

Other Stuff

The Chambers Dictionary: Vital for playing Scrabble and finding out interesting things about words

  1. Thank you for the link to Bike Bus Glentress! We appreciate it!

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