About Me

My name is Rosemary and my home is Edinburgh. I moved here in 2000 and have never looked back! What a great city to live in.

It always looks as beautiful as this 😉

Muddy bike!


This blog will be a lot about cycling and adventure racing (multisport stuff mixed in with maps – something made with me in mind!),

I am a bit of a vegetarian foodie and love going to restaurants and cooking. I was going to write about it in the blog, but the racing and outdoorsy stuff has taken over!


The same thing goes for my plans to talk about languages. I’ve been learning Italian since the beginning of 2009. It’s a slow process but loads of fun. Even if I’m not writing about it, I’m certainly still talking about it!

I made this pasta!


When I’m not training, eating or gabbling incoherently in Italian, I do fit in time to play recorders with a small but select group of friends. Yes, it is a serious instrument, and yes, we sound good 🙂



  1. Alison Tollick

    cool blog, Rosemary, you have been busy in between races!

  2. Because I really like your blog, I nominated you for the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’. You can see it here: http://shoreditchbakes.wordpress.com/2012/07/16/rain-stops-play-but-not-the-awards-2/


  3. Good luck, look forward to hearing about your adventures….

  4. Hi Rosemary, Thank you for the race report. Lins and I have just entered the Craggy Island Tri, maybe see you there. K

  5. Hi Rosemary, was just reading your latest Open5 blog and wondered if we could run it on SleepMonsters. Let me know if that is OK and will hope to see you at Itera later in the year.
    Cheers, Rob Howard. (Pls reply to rob@sleepmonsters.com.)

  6. Mark Oliver

    Good morning Rosemary,

    I have been signposted to your website by Tamsin Saxton. I am currently studying MSc Sport and Exercise Psychology at Northumbria University. As part of my thesis I am required to conduct a piece of extended research. I have chosen to conduct a study which aims to understand the associated outcomes of pursuing long term goals. I am particularly interested in speaking with semi-professional/professional triathletes. Tamsin informs that you fit the criteria.

    The study consists of a very short questionnaire (5 minutes) as well as a semi-structured interview (which lasts no longer than 45 minutes). Interviews would be conducted at your convenience and could be conducted over the phone if necessary.

    I was wondering if you would be willing to take part at all?

    Thanks very much.

    Best wishes,

    Mark Oliver

  7. Triona O'Dowd Hill

    Loving all your race reports, you and Izzy are some rocking’ chicks, Ye are amazeballs:)
    Myself and my buddy signed up for our first swim run race on a bit of a whim, we are doing Breca Arainn Mhor on August 20th. I’ve had a lot of interruptions in training so hoping i’ll be able for it. Just a quick couple of questions on gear if you have the time. we are unsure about using paddles as there are a lot of transitions- its 45km run total and 9km swimming broken up into 23 runs and 22 swims, any advice. Also worried about blisters, what socks have you found the best? Any other tips would be mighty appreciated:)

    • Hi Triona! Well done on signing up for a swimrun, I’m sure you’ll have a blast 🙂 It looks like a long one! Just keep going, mind over matter …

      As for kit. I think the decision about paddles is more to do with whether you can cope with them for the distance and whether they make you faster. I tested it in the pool and for me, I definitely swim quicker with. I also trained with them a lot before my race. But I did check whether and how I could fit them under my wetsuit if I found my shoulders were too tired to use them mid-race. I don’t have any trouble doing transitions with them – I more or less keep them on my hands when running and I can still use my fingers with them on. My partner twists hers round to the backs of her hands somehow, I think.

      Socks – Gococo compression are the best! I genuinely have had no blisters wearing them, they’re so super comfy, help keep your legs warm in swims and they help prevent swelling afterwards as well.

      Tips – here are some I prepared earlier for the LochGuLoch guys :-).
      Kit: http://lochguloch.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/toptips.pdf
      Training / technique: http://lochguloch.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/toptips2.pdf

  8. Sophiefallon

    Hi Rosemary, I love this blog and have been directed here from taking an interest in Rockman. I wonder if you can give us an idea of your training plan please for this sort of event- or how you would train now that you have the knowledge of completing it?

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