The Roseleaf and Café Nom de Plume

It’s been ages since I’ve done any ‘eating places’ reviews and now I have two at once!

The Roseleaf

For ages Andy has been saying “can we go to my mate Jonny’s pub?” Last weekend it finally happened. I had been ill all week and this was my first proper trip out of the house! Although I had a sore head walking there, by the time food was served and I was merrily chomping through my tasty meal, I felt about a hundred times better :-).

This place was really busy even at 2pm, and I can tell why. We both had the tomato and fennel soup to start with … yummy. Andy then had a veggie breakfast served on a metal platter thing with a hot handle. It looked great. I had something called an ‘Amazing Grazer’. After generously donating all the bits of lettuce to Andy, I was very happy with what was a mixed plate of bulghar wheat salad with pomegranate seeds, veggie pâtés, toast and hot halloumi. I couldn’t resist a fudge brownie and ice cream for afters. The drinks went down well too – homemade ginger beer and ‘rooibois cappucino’ which came with a frothy top and honey.

I was left intrigued by preparations for a madhatter’s tea party on the table next to ours, and the concept of cocktails served in teapots …. I should also mention that the toilets had great character and were definitely worth two trips :D. I can’t believe this has been just down the road all this time and I only just discovered it. Must go back soon!

Roseleaf: 23/24 Sandport Place, Edinburgh, EH6 6EW

Tel: 0131 476 5268, email:


Café Nom de Plume

My recorder group has relocated from Southside to the Northside for the month of January. The great thing about this is the opportunity to sample new pre-playing eating places! However, we’ve only made it to one place and have kept going back.

Nom de Plume is near the bottom of Broughton Street. I’ve seen it many times and never been in before. I was pleasantly surprised though! I love the atmosphere; warm, cosy and inviting. The menu is also good, with not only several vegetarian options, but as many again vegan! So far I’ve tried the French onion soup and a chickpea curry. The hot mulled ginger wine did wonders for my sore throat last week  :-).

This place meets all of our Tuesday night criteria, namely: veggie options, nice ambience, quick, good value, decent food.

Next week I am going to save a special hole for veggie mince in a giant Yorkshire pudding!

Café Nom de Plume: 60 Broughton Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3SA

Tel: 0131 556 5758

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  1. How long have you lived in Edinburgh and have only just discovered the Roseleaf?! =D My work (as well as other local offices such as Visit Scotland, Scottish Government and all the marketing companies by Victoria Quay etc.) often go there for parties, lunches etc. The food, beers, staff and environment are great are great and very homely. A veritable diamond in the rough lol

    And Nom de Plume – since we first went there I’ve grown to love it (and have visited a few times sans recorder group!). Such a pleasant place to go as a group and by yourself when at a loose end. Plus the friendly Geordie waitress who always seems to be on shift definitely adds a certain je ne sais quoi =D

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