Sting in Stirling – trail mail

Trail Mail for AVT Asset management (9)

I see you have just finished…well done, what an awesome achievement! Fiona x
Fiona Cheyne 24-Aug
Been watching you guys all week, great efforts guys & good luck guys… Nearly there!!
Steve Mottershead 24-Aug
Sorry to hear about Rosemary’s blisters, but see group solidarity prevailed and you are still “on the trail”, well on the watery one anyway. Yes, it is addictive tracking you around and then you disappear for a bit and you have to keep clicking “refresh” and you always reappear. Glad you got a decent nights sleep on Lochnagar. Doubt whether many people can claim that. Your spreadsheet predictions are amazingly accurate, you’ll get yourself a reputation if you carry on like this. All over bar the shouting…keep it up Luv Dad
John Byde 24-Aug
Well you are now on the home straight, just the rapids to negotiate and a wee cycle home! Well done all of you you have done something amazing that I am sure you will remember forever. Paul, I hoped to be able to meet you at the finish but I am not going to get there til about 7pm which might be too late looks like you will be finished early pm at the latest so call me asap to let me know what you want me to do, leave a message if necessary. lots of love Annex x x
anne campbell 24-Aug
Probsbly confused another team by posting on wrong trail mail yesterday- we have bad internet in lovely hampshire – whoops! We have been watching and thought of you in a bus shelter or hole in the ground as we snuggled into our lovely beds at the four seasons. Keep going xxxxxxx
Rachel. Barnaby Anastasia 24-Aug
As we go to bed in the luxury of the four seasons we are thinking of you in a bus shelter or a hole in the ground! keep goingxxxxxx
Rachel barnaby and Anastasia 23-Aug
Keep up the good work. On the home straight now! Love, Mum
Carol Byde 23-Aug
Wow – navigating Forestry Commission tracks late at night (11pm). I’d love to keep watching. So nearly at Grandtully – amazing. And a great long paddle tomorrow too. I hope you know how to keep the boat straight on the big rapids. Lots of miles to practice canoe technique – you’ll be excellent paddlers by the end.
Robert W 23-Aug
So impressed!! ….. This has been pretty epic as ‘ J ‘ would say ….and has been far more interesting than anything on the telly all week… very inspiring…… and completely mad!! hope you have enough energy to really enjoy the home straight.. well done . R, R and J O .
Ros 23-Aug
I am on a roller coaster of emotions just watching your dot move around the course,It is very addictive and seems to have taken over my life! I can’t imagine how it is fo you but at least you know what is going on! Every time the dot sticks and I start to panic then you spring up further up the track, phew… I am so proud of how you have all done so far and wish you all the strength you need to carry on till the end. Hope you all still enjoying your adventure. Lots of love A x x x
anne campbell 23-Aug
Great going guys, keep it up all at AVT are rooting for you. See you at the finish line
Sheena Mottershead 23-Aug
To Rosemary. For a late entrant…wow! speechless. Went for a three mile walk to celebrate. Looks like you spent the night on Lochnagar and the worst is now over? Luv Dad
John Byde 23-Aug
Really motoring this morning! Keep it up ….
Andy Upton 23-Aug
Our obsession grows…… wanted to see where you were before school – and I was dreaming ‘Terrex’ – (are you dreaming beds yet? Crisp white sheets, plumped pillows – I digress) Anyway back to the dream – Rosemary looked a lot like Amanda Byrom and I’m sure the big red balls were in there too! Keep going!!!!!! lots of love – J, J, & C xx
Jo, James & Cam 23-Aug
Hi Rosemary Reading about this race just makes me miss Scotland. Hope it is amazing, at least looking back afterwards it is! It’s sunny and warm here in Melbourne today, just thought you’d like to know that. Good luck, Jayden
Jayden Thrush 22-Aug
Well done guys, you’re doing well. Keep eating, smiling and laughing!
Elizabeth 22-Aug
Youv’e moved up to 15th place now how brilliant is that!! A x x
anne campbell 22-Aug
Yahoo! you are roaring ahead now in 18th place well done, keep up the good work. You have 2 photo’s up now so I can see how happy you still are amazingly!! Good luck lots of love A x x x
anne campbell 22-Aug
Hi Guys – watched a You Tube video of you cycling today – where’s Dave? Remember Granny Annie always says ‘stay together even if you fall out’ 🙂 Are you squabbling over sweeties yet? Hope it’s still fun – you’re doing so well. Half the street is following your progress – keep it up! V V proud of you – J, J & C xx
Jo, James & Cam 22-Aug
Go Rosemary, go! You are doing fantastic. All that super tough triathlon training is obviously standing you in good stead. Hope you are having fun with your team and enjoying yourselves. Ruth
Ruth Johnson 22-Aug
Go on Rosemary et al. This is as distracting as the olympics. I hope you know that there are lots of us watching, willing you on every step of the way – and SO impressed with the journey you’ve already got behind you. One foot in front of the other…
Robert W 22-Aug
Thank goodness there was a picture of you on the bike smiling, it means you must be still alive and well. From the tracking you look like you have been off course since Bruar, I was wondering what was going on. Hope everything is ok, dig in and keep going. I’m rooting for you all. Love A x x x
anne campbell 22-Aug
I have been following you on line and you seem to have stopped! is everything ok? are you just catching up on your chocolate intake perhaps? Good news for tomorrow, the wind is picking up so the midges will not be out tomorrow. Lots of love A x x
anne campbell 21-Aug
You are doing very well at 25th I am well impressed. Looks like a great day’s biking today and I know you have been looking forward to the canyoning… I watched the first team on u-tube it looked great. Keep up the good work and I hope the weather is favourable for you all.
anne campbell 21-Aug
Hi Guys, Hope it’s going well for you all, loving the live feed, keep it up. We are all rooting for you Sheena
Sheena Mottershead 21-Aug
Hi Guys – avidly tracking your progress! We’re thinking of you each time the rain comes…Cam says ‘he loves you’ James says ‘do well’ – I’ve got the tax returns under control – what would YOU rather be doing?? 🙂 Lots of love and good wishes for the week! J, J & C. XXX
Jo, James & Cam 21-Aug
Hi All Keep up the good work…………hope the weather is holding out for you all. Dont let Andy bore you too much about his recent holiday. Liking the Blogs…………keep posting and chin up. Mike Taylor AVT
Mike Taylor 21-Aug

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