Itera 2014 – trail mail

Hi Rosie and team, great to see you made it and in the top half too! Carol

Yipee yipee yipee you have finished and in fourteenth place, fantastic I Hope you all get a restfull sleep tonight before your drive home. You have completed a hugh challenge you are all brilliant. Big hugs await, Lots of love Anne xxx Anne

You’ve made it!!!!!!!!!! Well done to you all, a brilliant result 🙂 . I can go to bed now and I expect you are asleep already !! xx Jackie

It’s 12.45am and I can see you approaching the finish – I want to cheer you in but I don’t think you’ll hear me from Surrey! Sabs

Congratulations Team Tentel (or at least, I hope it’s congratulations – we’re sending this about 4h30 before I expect you’re going to finish). It has been lots of fun watching your progress across Wales. Enjoy your sleep, proper food & rest for the tired legs.Edinburgh Roses

One more little dot to go. Well done you. Wonder what you will do first shower, sleep or eat : ) See you soon. Keep your position. Andrea Davison

Go the mighty Team Tentel. Seems you are timing the final charge to perfection – keep it up. E&M Ed Clay

You are nearing the end , just one last push will get you through, I need to lie down after my 4 hours of cycling today which makes me even more full of respect for what you have all achieved, it has been amazing following your progress. I hope you are not too broken by the end, I bet your first beer will taste fantastic. Anne

Nearly there Sam! x Karen

Go Team Tentel, your doing great, really good position in the field, you’ll be glad to get back on your bike after that walk all night – Good luck for the last stage. Andy B Andy B

Wow – nearly there. Just the final cycle to do. Still looking good on the leaderboard. Keep it up! Edinburgh Roses

Hope you had a fun night in the Brecons. Still gaining places steadily – great work! Just one final push to the finish… Alistair Rose

Hi Hun You are all eating up the miles really quickly and you have only a couple of spits to go, Wahay. I found another couple of photos of the team in the kayak stage which was nice, Keep having fun lots of love Anne x x xAnne

Great job. Looks like you’re clawing back a few places – enjoy the last 24 hours! Alistair Rose

Hello Team Tentel. You are doing really well when I went to work you were 18th now you are 17th. The photos show some great places. Hope you are enjoying your week. Keep up the good work. Ben finally gave his cousin Luke his chicken pox. It is good to share : ) Andrea Davison

Going really well Team Tentel. Enjoy the final push, go for it in style. Looking forward to hearing all the stories of your victorious progress around Wales. Lots of love from Edinburgh. arr28

Have been watching your great progress although most of the time your tracker seems rather shy and likes hiding under others! Just found two photos of you on Sleepmonsters. Keep up the good work – not far to go now!!! Love xx Brian and Jackie

I was fantastic to see a photo of the team at last and to read your blog today I got a feel of how hard it has been for you all, but you have moved up to 14th place so your plan is working! Must be all that grub you are getting down, Keep at it you are doing GREAT!!!!!!!! lots of love Anne x x x Anne

Hi Rosie, I see you are creeping up the leader board. Well done. Preparations for recovery well in hand. Dep Garforth Sat 1420 with brie and herb quiche, home grown tomatoes and courgettes and fancy pasta. Something to look forward to!!! Love mum Carol

Hope you enjoyed your paddle down the Wye, those weirs would be pretty big with all the rain!!! Your doing great, not long to go, enjoy the Black Mountains Andy B

Hi Guys, Between the weather and the terrain it looks like it was a very hard day today, hope you will manage to recharge your batteries with a hot meal and a bit of a kip tonight. Are your feet holding up? There was a pic of one guy and his feet were in a mess, hope you lot are not suffering similarly, Keep smiling, lots of love Anne x x xAnne Campbell

Top bananas to you! I almost forgot to send you some trail mail because I didn’t know the name! Well done Rosemary, Jon and crew … Seems like a tough race so give it some welly 🙂 Sabs

Hi Sam. Sorry to hear reports of a wet night and day. I hope it dries up for you soon. Tim’s always excited to check on your progress. He starts school tomorrow (just a half day to begin with). BTW, your backup tracker appears to be broken. Nothing since 11:40 this morning (Wednesday). Primary tracker on Itera site seems fine at the moment. Keep going – you’re doing really well. Edinburgh Roses

Go Sam!! Looks hellish….which probably means you’re having a great time and enjoying it!! x Karen

Go Team Tentel. Looks like you are doing a great job of keeping moving, ticking off the checkpoints and deciding which ones to skip. Hope the weather and wind aren’t too bad and there is at least some type 1 fun being had. Now stop reading this and get some sleep…. E&M Ed & Megan

Hi Rosie, Half way now, keep up the good work. Love Mum Carol

Hi Paul .. No idea when you will see this but … Tracker 111 was turned off in Machynlleth at 11:50 – maybe deliberate but battery was still 63%. We have nothing from tracker 112 yet .. 13:50 Wednesday. Can see you are now moving again on Itera site. Keep smiling! Andy. Andy Upton

Looks like things are toughening up for all the teams now, Paul I am sure you will be glad that trek is over and you have a chance of some fun on the MTB trails! Hope you are all still enjoying yourselves, the course look awsome! Keep strong x x x x Anne Campbell

That looks like another long hard night / morning. Enjoy the bike ride (but hope you find some time to lie down). Tim says: “Hope you don’t break any bones!” Rachel says: “I hope you’re not missing Al” (Sam) Edinburgh Roses

Go Tentel Go!! Kath

The leaderboard shows that you’re up to 17th in Barmouth. Good job! I hope your ankle holds up for your next night time trek, Sam. With love from all the Edinburgh Roses. Edinburgh Roses

Ben and luke say,”go like thomas” a really useful team. Toot toot peep peep. Rescued 7 boats in 27knots of wind. Hope it was better in wales. Keep going. Keep eating. From aj ben davison-ellis

Looks like you had a good first day and I hope your enjoyment continues today after your long wait in the paddle. Keep cosy and get them snoozes in when you can you are doing great. Lots of love Anne x x x Anne Campbell

Well done guys, looking really good. Tim obsessed with Zip wire video on YouTube, Aunty Sam may need to go back to it one day with him! Keep going, we’re cheering you on! Edinburgh Roses

Go Team Tentel. Hope you are having fun amidst the slog. Edinburgh Willsons

Wow – that looked like a long night. Hope you’ve all managed to get a few hours kip. Tim & Rachel are very excited that you’ve been down the zipwire, Sam (especially when I found a video of it). I hope you have another good day again today. Edinburgh Roses

Looks like you’ve had a good first day – and are making some sensible route decisions, given what I’m guessing the weather is like. Keep it up! Alistair Rose

Wheeeeeee! Go for it Sam and the rest of Team Tentel. Rosemary – When I saw your photo and name on the team info page, I thought I recognised you from somewhere. I’ve finally remembered where. You came to my house once (!), with Ken, probably for pancakes. I hope you enjoy (if that’s the right word) the rest of the race.Edinburgh Roses

Glad your tracker is working again. I’ve got your progress up on the big screen at work. Have fun on the zipwire.Edinburgh Roses

Just settled down to watch the dot and disapointingly it has not been tracked this morning however the leader board says your in 19th position which is fantastic. I am sure you are having a blast. Go Team Tentel go! Anne

Go Sam and the mighty Team Tentel. Looks like you got the Menai Straits quite a lot quicker than last time we did it – but I imagine with rather more paddling (and certainly more effective paddling). Hope the next bit goes well. I will be watching avidly and very occasionally jealously. Look after those ankles. E&M Ed Clay

Now I know what we looked like in the rapids in Scotland – not pretty! Hope you didn’t need an extended cafe stop to prepare. Have a great race everyone David David M

Best of luck, moderately envious, I’ll be watching you !!! Andy Upton

Hey Sam – just to let you know that I’ll be cheering you on (you crazy lady!) and checking your progress throughout the week. Look after yourself and have fun…..! See you very soon, Love Karen xxxx Karen

Best of luck Sam and the rest of the team. Hope you have a great time. Love Moira & Robin Moira & Robin Rose

Good luck to you all, I know you will all somehow have a great time. Hope you did not get the thunder and lightening on your journey that we have had here all day (not great for a BBQ) I look forward to watching the wee black dot from the comfort of my sofa next week. Play hard love Anne x x x Anne Campbell

Good luck guys, have fun. Andy B

Go for it Team Tentel! Cheering you on from Edinburgh. Edinburgh Roses

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