Itera 2014 – team profile

Itera Team Tentel Photo 2

Rosemary Byde, Paul McGreal, Sam Rose, Jon Ellis.

Our team picture shows what we have been getting up to in preparation for Itera. Rosemary (organiser) has done plenty of bike riding, but of the wrong sort. Paul (mountain rescuer) has been busy organising events mostly, but not exclusively, involving people getting ‘durty’. Sam (transition boss) claims not to be fit, but seems to have spent months travelling the world in active mode.  At least Jon (fixes things) has been spotted riding his mountain bike on more than one occasion!

Our aim for the event is to maximise our performance as a team and finish feeling that we have done our best. We will work hard, but enjoy the journey. We’re looking forward to everything that Wales has to offer! With such an international field it’s hard to judge where we might finish. Top 20 would be nice, every place after that will be a delight.

We thank our sponsor tentel, a new kid on the block providing phone, TV and broadband services and supporters of adventure racing. Thanks also to Outside Edge in Oban, who gave us a discount on kit.

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