Making a habit of night riding?

I started out riding my mountain bike off road in the dark when I decided to do the Strathpuffer some years ago – what an introduction! I’ve been out sporadically since, either training for the occasional race, or just for fun. It is possible to get up into the Pentland Hills outside Edinburgh from work, ride and get back without a car – though it’s always further home than I expect!

This year Andreas, a friend from work and the bike club, has decided he wants to ride his mountain bike more. The only time to do it is after work, when it just happens to be dark. He has a car and needs someone to go with – I am happily obliging 😀

The trails are almost deserted and are more interesting than they are in the daylight. I have been testing out the head light I won at the Trans Wales event – an Exposure Diablo. It’s an awesome light; bright enough to ride with on its own, providing you’re not out for too long. And a good job too, since my handlebar light detached from the bracket and stayed that way (new part ordered)!

Andreas seems keen on animal spotting. This week we got:

  • Rabbit                          – 5 points
  • Bats                             – 10 points
  • Squirrel (unverified)    – 3 points
  • Small amphibian          – 7 points
  • Large OWL!                  – 20 points
  • Black beetle                 – 6 points
  • 4 other humans            – 0 points

Total: 51 points

We’ve already headed off to Glentress twice recently, so it looks like this might become a regular thing. Fits in very well with my plan to ride my mountain bike more, but not so well with my plan to do the club running sessions more, since the evenings keep clashing! Since one is more fun than the other, I can see which might end up winning 🙂

Lynskey + Andreas and his midget-wheeled bike! A cold, misty and moonlit evening.

* Picked up a team jersey from Ronde today. Very exciting!

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