Itera Scotland 2019 Trail Mail

ITERA Trail Mail

Congratulations. Well done what a fantastic effort.
Mum ellis 16 Aug 14:11

Hurrah!!! Well done team 26 your brilliant. Hugs from Slough and Rome.
Mike & Jeff & Dot 16 Aug 13:41

I see at the time of writing 1335 you are already in Inverness, so am expecting by the time get this you will have finished. Congratulations!
John Byde 16 Aug 13:38

Woohoo you are nearly finished – keep going. You are amazing x
Kate 16 Aug 10:17

Go team Go, last stage….. Banish the sleep monsters and eat ALL the jelly babies….. from Anna and Chris Morgan
Anna Morgan 15 Aug 22:32

Looking great guys! And your on the home strait . Keep going you absolute hero s. You got this! So proud ♡ KATY
Katy Nelson 15 Aug 21:32

Still following you…look forward to seeing the finish line pics! Hope the weather has picked up a bit x
Naomi Wellings 15 Aug 21:29

The ultimate test of endurance. Getting nearly to the end of the veg box and the new one coming! Have an amazing last day. Andy
Andrew Kirkland 15 Aug 21:26

keep going doing so well
barbara granny 15 Aug 20:50

Weather looks hideous, but hope you’re still enjoying yourselves. Not far to go now, then rest. Wish I was there!
Sam Rose 15 Aug 20:11

Sleep well. Your doing really well. Our friend Dot who has just completed her ride London to Rome sends her best wishes and says ” you will succeed “.
Mike & Jeff & Dot 15 Aug 16:32

You are slowly down. I hope this isn t because of a lack of motivational poetry!! Keep pushing through, only a day to go. #TwitchingPrawn
Victoria Stephens 15 Aug 14:25

Keep going. Your doing great. Finish line in sight. Kate x
Kate 15 Aug 13:27

Hi Chloe, looks like you are doing an amazing job despite all the wind and rain. Sending you a warm hug all the way from my cosy kitchen. Jan
Janet Mills 15 Aug 09:20

Well done guys on epic run-difficult weather. Remember: you are braver than you think, stronger than u know,&more awesome than u can ever imagine.!big love,kt
Katy Nelson 14 Aug 22:00

Hey Y all…especially Rosemary…I am eating my vegetables but I put peanut butter out for the mouse as I needed company! Be strong!
Andrew Kirkland 14 Aug 21:13

Wow you are half way! Well done guys! You do an amazing job!
sabrina 14 Aug 21:04

Well done everyone
Mum ellis 14 Aug 17:39

A Poem: Hooray, hooray, You re more than half way, Well I hope you are anyway, That s all I can say For today.
Carol Byde 14 Aug 15:27

Morning team Lochland. You are doing amazing xxxx
Kate 14 Aug 11:16

Chloe – well done to you and the rest of TLR, you re going really well. Remember – give a smile and wink when the going gets tough! xx
Jonny 14 Aug 08:34

Wednesday 0715 You re looking pretty good to me!
John Byde 14 Aug 07:16

You guys are doing so well. Some of my favourite racing buddies!!! Enjoy the tough bits – those will be the awesome memories, Elizabeth OD xx
Elizabeth OD 14 Aug 07:15

Wow! Keep going. You are doing amazing well! Andrea if you win I’ll do it with you next time! Not!
Kate 13 Aug 22:39

Well done guys. Inspiring stuff. Keep going! Love from Katy Jonny and Sid
Katy Nelson 13 Aug 22:02

Keep going guys! You are doing great! Lot of love from Sabrina!
Sabrina 13 Aug 21:03

I hope you win and you are doing well [where is your computer]
ben 13 Aug 20:47

Keep going you are doing amazingly well. Remember to keep enjoying it as well. 🙂
Anna Morgan 13 Aug 20:15

Enjoy your sleep. You have done amazingly well. Good luck and keep safe.
Mike & Jeff 13 Aug 16:57

I should be working but I m tracking you, Hopefully my poetry stops you feeling blue, About this insane thing you re doing, Instead, you could be telly viewing.
Victoria Stephens 13 Aug 15:30

I hope you are enjoying yourselves! keep up the good work.
Carol Byde 13 Aug 13:48

I am in the stir fry queue tracking your progress! You have been canoeing this morning.
Victoria Stephens 13 Aug 13:12

Keep going you are doing amazing xxx
Kate 13 Aug 11:11

Absolutely amazing team 26. Keep going we are cheering you on in Sunny Slough. Hope the midges have stayed away. M&J
Mike & Jeff 13 Aug 08:16

You are doing a brilliant job – it is EPIC!! Well done, remember this thing is earned, not given – keep smiling!! Jonny C xx
Jonny C 13 Aug 08:15

Omg your doing amazing. Keep going. Charlie B is routing for you too xx
Kate 12 Aug 22:26

Hi Rosemary & Team, loving following your journey, hope you have time and weather to appreciate the scenery! Naomi
Naomi Wellings 12 Aug 21:48

Hi Chloe – Looks like you are doing really well – Hope the legs keep up and enjoy the beauty of the country Jan
Janet Mills 12 Aug 21:31

Well done guys! long day on the bike which you cruised and you can smash this paddle ! Keep going! Love from Katy & Jonny
Katy Nelson 12 Aug 21:22

Well done Team Lochland Runner, you moving that fast my dial up internet can t keep up with the live tracking!! Love, Jonny C x
Jonny Collins 12 Aug 17:33

I m heading home from work for dinner and sleeping but you guys keep going! Lots of canoeing coming up. You re currently 3rd closest to the finish woop woop.
Victoria Stephens 12 Aug 17:28

You are moving so fast on your bicycles! We aren t doing much work Rosemary, we re just watching you!
Victoria Stephens 12 Aug 15:32

UPDATE! You have taken a bold move by cutting off three check points but you re also quite far ahead of the people who went for them so pros and cons!!!
Victoria Stephens 12 Aug 15:07

It s lunchtime on day one, You re probably still having fun, I can t promise it will last, Since you re moving pretty fast!
Victoria Stephens 12 Aug 12:17

Keep going guys!! I am listening to motivational Disney Songs on your behalf. JUST AROUND THE RIVER BEEEEEND. (Monday, 10.45)
Victoria Stephens 12 Aug 10:45

Keep going from all of us at the Hospice xx
Kate 12 Aug 10:39

good luck enjoy
Mum ellis 12 Aug 07:10

Good luck! Enjoy the race, have fun! Chris & Anna
Chris Morgan 11 Aug 20:51

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